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The “Tonnerrois”, “Chablisien” and “Auxerrois” are nature’s jewels to discover without moderation
and the province “Bourgogne” is its satin box. It feels good to take a walk under the green pastures
and national forests. The adepts of this tranquillity, of tasty wines but also the ones with a keen interest
in legends and French history, will be delighted.


Môlay, the village of a hundred people, where we welcome you, would be, according to certain historians, the hometown of “Jacques de Môlay”, the Great Master of the templars.

Located at 12 kilometres (7 miles) of the freeway’s exit n°16, level with “Nitry”, this village, typically from “Bourguignon”,
place you at the heart of picturesque and colourful spots.



Noyers sur serein

At 8 km (5 miles), “Noyers sur Serein” is a medieval market town classified among the top 100 of the most beautiful village of France. At the base of “Serein”, are erected the ramparts, the towers and the half-timbering houses of which the Nucériens (habitants of the town) are very prouds.





At 15 km (10 miles), on the northern part of “Bourgogne”, “Chablis” offer you an inescapable wash house of the seven arches, which reflect in a water branch for then enjoying completely its seat of wine tourism. Before even overusing of its 5’400 hectares of vineyards whose ring the town, you will be stunned by the beauty of this property of distinctive character and its domains of internationally renowned.




On the east, still at 15 km, “Tonnerre”, in the past county-town of the department, situated at near the bank of “Armançon” and of the canal of “Bourgogne”, stocky at the base of the hill, offer to visitors the charm of ancient “Bourguignonnes” cities. Aimlessly through the sloping streets, the famous “Fosse Dionne discover its dark and blue-shaded water in a remote district, without doubts one of the oldest in the city. It continually puzzled people among the centuries. Innumerable legends give clues to key of this mystery and its origin.  There is a say about this source from “Vaucluse” that would originated from “Divona”, the divinity of sources.

The valley of Yonne will offer you a multitude of villages to discover Vézelay, Pontigny, Irancy, Saint-Bris-le-Vineux and also so other names singing the Bougogne region. Its wash houses are renowned for giving to each village, an image of serenity and character in the respect of old stones and heritage. Its castles constitutes an heritage of 109 castles, princely residences or small manor houses hidden in the forests; like castles of Tanlay, Ancy le Franc, Ratilly, etc. Located in Puisaye, the medieval site of Guédelon allows you to assist at the building of a stronghold. Products of the region seem to be proposed only as a proof of its belonging to our lovely France and its gastronomy. Tasting the “Crème de Chaource” with oyster mushroom, the “Gougères géantes” (giant choux pastry filled with cheese), the “Andouillettes“ (delicious small sausages made of chitterlings) and also the “Crème de mûres” (blackberry cream) and you will understand the interest in lingering to the markets. All over this region, the gastronomy and heavenly beverages will flatter your palate and the people of “Bourguignon”, your heart.

Seduced over more than thirty years by this region of France, we have imaginated for you, a cosy & quiet holiday cottage, situated at the heart of our property at the border of the village, in the valley of “Serein”.  The welcoming and intimate “nest” surrounded by flowers and greenery will offer you the warmth and comfort for the fresh seasons, but also swimming pool and terrace for its summer weather.
If you prefer a room in the attic, we will enjoy meeting your wish and to welcome you in our home.
It is also why we are proud of our village and region that we wish facilitating your task of preparing a tourist tour by proposing an Internet connection that will allow you to access the Tourism Offices of the region.

We are waiting you with impatience in our village of “Môlay” where we will be there for welcoming you and lending our support and advices if necessary.